Life in President Donald Trump’s America

Matt Bors, now a contributor to <em>The Intercept</em>, ponders Trump, fascism, and slop rations.

Illustration: Matt Bors

[Editor’s note: Award-winning cartoonist Matt Bors is moving his irreverent comics publication, The Nib, to First Look Media, The Intercept’s parent company. He will also be a contributor to The Intercept.]

People across the political spectrum are having an extended freakout about Donald Trump — everyone except the frighteningly large number of people who support him, that is. But who is he? Is he a New York liberal as some in the GOP claim? Or is he a right-wing fascist, as his plans to ban Muslims, build a border wall, and generally be racist as hell seem to suggest? Maybe he’s actually a narcissistic con man generating headlines with belligerent statements that don’t reflect his core principles.

Maybe the biggest problem is he’s on the path to the presidency and we can’t figure out the answer.

I had a Twitter exchange the other day with Intercept reporter Murtaza Hussain that is somewhat related:

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