[Editor’s note: Award-winning cartoonist Matt Bors is moving his irreverent comics publication, The Nib, to First Look Media, The Intercept’s parent company. He will also be a contributor to The Intercept.]

A few months ago, I made a couple of drawings of little penises with Donald Trump hair and mailed them to friends. You know, for fun. Today, “Donald Trump defends size of his penis” is a real CNN headline on planet earth.

We’ve come to the portion of the GOP primary where penis size is critical. It happens every cycle, but never so explicitly as this. Trump, who appears to be very psychologically injured about the whole small hands thing, assured America that it has no bearing on his penis, which is absolutely beautiful, tremendous, the best, he has some of the most brilliant people working on it, it’s very incredible, I mean really you oughta see this thing.

Where do we go from here? It’s increasingly looking like it could be Hillary and Trump and I can only imagine what sexually profane insults and comparisons will be hurled her way, especially with Bill in tow, another man whose penis we’d heard quite enough about.

Here’s a panel from my sketchbook that didn’t make the final cut: