DNC Official Mulls “Fuck You Emoji” in Response to Fox News

A DNC official was not amused when a reporter asked for comment about Donald Trump's attacks on Hillary Clinton.

A new leak of emails from the Democratic National Committee includes one in which communications personnel share their considerable fury over a reporter’s question about Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct.

In May, Fred Lucas, a freelance reporter who said he was working for FoxNews.com, emailed the DNC press office with a question. Donald Trump had called Hillary Clinton an enabler of Bill Clinton’s alleged misconduct with women, and Lucas wanted to know what the Committee thought of the attack strategy.

“Is there a Fuck You emoji?” Luis Miranda, communications director for the DNC, wrote in an email to his colleagues.

Rachel Palermo, DNC press assistant, replied: “hahahahahahahaha.”

Mark Paustenbach, national press secretary and deputy communications director, wrote: “We’re not responding at all.”

Lucas’s question came in response to comments Trump made about Bill and Hillary Clinton on Fox News. “She’s not a victim. She was an enabler,” Trump said. “She worked with him. She was – some of the women have been totally destroyed. Some of these women have been destroyed. And Hillary worked with him.”

Three days after his first email, Lucas emailed the DNC again. He wrote: “I hoped the DNC could weigh in on the appropriateness of Trump attacking along these lines? I would really appreciate any response you have. Thanks very much.”

Palermo emailed Miranda and Paustenbach: “The asshole from fox emailed us again. I did some research and there’s still no ‘fuck you’ emoji, unfortunately.”

The DNC declined to comment.

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