Naomi Klein to Cover Shocks of Trump Era for The Intercept

Renowned author and journalist Naomi Klein has joined The Intercept as senior correspondent.

Naomi Klein

I am extremely happy to announce that Naomi Klein has joined The Intercept as senior correspondent.

As one of the world’s foremost journalists and thinkers about power and injustice, Klein is uniquely suited to the task of dissecting the extraordinary political moment ushered in by Donald Trump’s election. Predatory capitalism thrives on crisis, and Trump’s rule threatens to plunge the world into a seemingly endless series of political, environmental, and humanitarian disasters. No one is better than Naomi Klein at exposing the hidden agendas of disaster capitalists and their agents in government.

The author of the acclaimed global bestsellers “This Changes Everything,” “The Shock Doctrine,” and “No Logo,” Klein will subject the major events of the Trump era to her deep reporting and penetrating analysis, cutting through the noise and chaos of the news cycle to illuminate the most important issues facing the United States and the world.

In her own words: “I will be covering the shock of the Trump victory and the crisis it has created, and the many ways this is already being exploited for profit at the expense of both people and the planet.”

Since publishing “This Changes Everything” and producing a companion documentary, Klein helped create the Leap Manifesto, a blueprint for the transition from fossil fuels. In November she was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize.

Klein will be contributing articles as well as commentary in other formats, such as her Facebook Live conversation with Intercept co-founding editor Jeremy Scahill at the Women’s March and appearances on our Intercepted podcast.

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