Standing Against Sexual Assault: A Response to Reports About a Former Staff Member

Multiple reports of rape and other abuses by security researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire were described in The Verge this past weekend.

At The Intercept, we were deeply disturbed by the reports of rape and other abuses by former staff member Morgan Marquis-Boire that were described in detail this past weekend in The Verge. We had no knowledge of any such allegations against him until they surfaced publicly last month, at which time his employment with the company had already ended. (He left The Intercept in 2015, and First Look in September of this year.) Our organization has no ties whatsoever to him now. As members of the community affected by these actions, we are shaken by this news, and we stand with the women who reported the abuse.

As the media world awakens to the harassment, assault, misogyny, and sexist power dynamics that pervade the industry, we are attuned to the presence of these pernicious forces in our orbit, and we are determined to stamp them out. In the coming weeks and months, we will be ramping up The Intercept’s editorial coverage of these issues. We are committed to a workplace that is free of harassment and violence, and to using our journalism to uncover the truth about these incidents and amplify voices that have historically been silenced, including those of survivors of sexual assault.

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