The Intercept Welcomes Tech Whistleblowers as Part of a Global Partnership

In partnership with European news organizations, we are soliciting information on the mishandling of digital personal information.

Illustration: Soohee Cho for The Intercept

The Intercept and European media partners are joining with The Signals Network, a whistleblower support organization, to solicit information from those who want to speak out against data-related malpractice in the technology sector.

Through this collaboration, The Intercept will work with German newspaper Die Zeit, French news website Mediapart, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, and the global news platform WikiTribune to obtain and investigate information regarding the abuse of personal data — whether by a social network, health care company, government, marketing firm, or any other of the myriad entities that collect and process such data on an enormous scale. The Signals Network, a nonprofit founded by French media executive Gilles Raymond, said on its website that it can, in “selected … appropriate cases,” offer support to whistleblowers, including legal aid, psychological counseling, and safe shelter in case of physical threats.

As part of the effort, the news partners will share a contact number on the secure messaging platform Signal and share tips submitted to a set of email addresses.

Sources that come forward will have access to not just the newsrooms of the above news organizations, but the chance to reach their combined audiences of over 46 million readers in three languages. Those interested in contacting the consortium can find more details here, and should read these guidelines for submitting information.

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