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Donald Trump can’t seem to stop talking about Chicago. This week on Intercepted: Chicago claps back in a live show recorded in the Windy City. Poet, scholar, and author Eve Ewing, revolutionary educator Bill Ayers, activist Charlene Carruthers, and journalist Jamie Kalven discuss the murder conviction of the Chicago police officer who gunned down Laquan McDonald, the neoliberal tenure of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the war on Chicago’s public schools. They also discuss the radical vision of an America without a paramilitarized police or prison industrial complex. Plus, musician Malcolm London performs and Eve Ewing reads a poem which imagines the mundane normalcies of life for Emmett Till — if he hadn’t been murdered.

Transcript coming soon.

Top photo: Eve Ewing performs a poem during a live taping of the Intercepted podcast at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, on Oct. 9, 2018.