Catastrophic hurricanes, heartless vivisectionists, criminal polluters, and climate supervillains like Scott Pruitt were all on extravagant display in 2018. Yet as a new generation of congressional leaders begins to make its mark in Washington, D.C., the prospect of a Green New Deal gives us reason to be cautiously hopeful.


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Six months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans are designing a recovery that defends their island. Politicians and bitcoin billionaires have other ideas.
By Naomi Klein

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The Green New Deal is not a piecemeal approach that trains a water gun on a blazing fire, but a comprehensive plan to transform society for the better.
By Naomi Klein

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Internal studies and other documents show that 3M knew by the 1970s that PFOA and PFOS were toxic and accumulating in people’s blood.
By Sharon Lerner



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Nathaniel Rich, in his massive New York Times Magazine article, argues “human nature” kept “us” from fixing climate change in the 1980s. He’s dead wrong.
By Naomi Klein

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Internal documents from a chemical industry trade group detail an elaborate plan to defeat a local ordinance banning aerial spraying of pesticides.
By Sharon Lerner

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DuPont’s Chambers Works manufacturing site has been ground zero for some of the world’s most environmentally devastating commercial enterprises.
By Sharon Lerner

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An FBI agent claimed she was moved by #MeToo to ask an activist about an alleged sexual assault. An audio recording shows she was interested in much more.
By Alleen Brown, John Knefel


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As climate scientists call for a dramatic transformation of the world’s economy, a new set of deniers is starting to coalesce around something easier.
By Kate Aronoff

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Just what would a Green New Deal entail, exactly?
By Kate Aronoff

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New documents show how U.S. spies gathered intelligence related to environmental conflicts, disasters, and resources
By Alleen Brown, Miriam Pensack

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Managing the perceived security threat of Indigenous-led anti-pipeline movements has become a priority on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border.
By Alleen Brown, Will Parrish

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An investigation into Ridglan Farms shines a light on a largely hidden industry that breeds and cages dogs for the sole purpose of experimentation.
By Glenn Greenwald, Leighton Akio Woodhouse

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A Freedom of Information Act document shows the EPA administrator’s expenses jumped $1.1 million from the last disclosure a month ago.
By Lee Fang, Nick Surgey