The State of the Death Penalty, Bad Policing, and Backsliding on Roe: The Intercept’s 2019 Justice Coverage

A look back at The Intercept’s must-read justice stories from 2019.

A look back at The Intercept’s must-read justice stories from 2019.

The Condemned

Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas for The Intercept
The Intercept set out to compile a comprehensive dataset on everyone sentenced to die in active death penalty jurisdictions since 1976. Our findings show that capital punishment remains as “arbitrary and capricious” as ever.
By Liliana Segura, Jordan Smith

Millions of Women Already Live in a Post-Roe America: A Journey Through the Anti-Abortion South

Still from "Reproductive Rights Roadtrip"
Across the United States, millions of women live with a legal right to abortion but without meaningful access to exercise that right.
By Jordan Smith, Video by Maisie Crow and Lauren Feeney

Stark Lessons From Wall Street’s #MeToo Moment

Illustration: Zoë van Dijk for The Intercept
On Wall Street, most men accused of sexual harassment continue to pursue their careers — even after paying large judgments.
By Susan Antilla


Texas Prepares to Execute Rodney Reed Amid a Flood of New Evidence Pointing to His Innocence

Photo: Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman via AP
As Texas forges ahead with execution plans, three more witnesses come forward with explosive accounts.
By Jordan Smith

With Federal Executions Looming, the Democrats’ Death Penalty Legacy Is Coming Back to Haunt Us

Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images
Trump’s opponents have condemned his plan to restart federal executions. But it’s only recently that the Democrats turned away from capital punishment.
By Liliana Segura

Locked Inside a Freezing Federal Jail, They United to Protest Their Conditions — Only to Face Reprisals

Photo Illustration: Soohee Cho/The Intercept
In some units where incarcerated people protested, the toilets were shut off — leaving them sleeping next to their own feces.
By Emma Whitford, Nick Pinto

Veterans Affairs Police Are Supposed to “Protect Those Who Served.” They Have a Shocking Record of Brutality and Impunity.

Photo: Caitlin O’Hara for The Intercept
The VA is unable to conduct adequate oversight of its 4,200 police officers. Veterans across the country pay the price — sometimes with their lives.
By Jasper Craven

The Largest Gang Raid in NYC History Swept Up Dozens of Young People Who Weren’t in Gangs

Still from "Trouble Finds You"
The prosecution of the Bronx 120 raises serious questions about due process and the abuse of federal conspiracy charges.
By Alice Speri, Video by Stephanie Tangkilisan


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