Empire After Trump: Joe Biden and the National Security State

Watch a livestreamed conversation with The Intercept's Jeremy Scahill and Betsy Reed.

Most Americans view the battle between Republicans and Democrats as the defining feature of contemporary politics. Yet U.S. militarism and the preservation of American imperial power has long been a source of common ground for both parties.

“When it comes to national security policy, the U.S. has been on a steady, hypermilitarized arc for decades,” writes Intercept senior correspondent and Editor-at-Large Jeremy Scahill.

On December 9, Scahill and Intercept Editor-in-Chief Betsy Reed had a live discussion on the roots and consequences of bipartisan unity on militarism and foreign policy. Rep. Ro Khanna also joined the conversation.

They unpacked the humanitarian and economic costs of the politics of empire, examining how Joe Biden’s presidency is reinforcing the long-standing bipartisan imperial agenda.

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