Drone Wars

From Somalia to Iraq and Afghanistan to Yemen, the U.S. military and the CIA have engaged in secretive drone strikes that have killed thousands of civilians and led to political blowback against the United States. The Intercept has published classified documents, as well as reporting on the ground, about America’s ongoing drone wars.

Democratic and Republican Senators Demand Transfer of Gray Eagle Drone to Ukraine

Joe Manchin, Lindsey Graham, and 14 other U.S. senators demand that Biden give Ukraine a top-tier U.S. drone.

Will Biden Sell Advanced Drones to Ukraine?

Both Russia and Ukraine are using low-cost kamikaze drones. Now the Biden administration is considering giving Kyiv one of the premiere U.S. weapons of the war on terror.

Drone Debt: U.S. Refuses to Help Wounded Survivor of Wrongful Attack in Yemen

Adel Al Manthari was injured in a 2018 drone strike — and now he’s releasing his medical bills. Will it finally shame the U.S. government into helping?

Civilian Victim of U.S. Drone Strike Starts GoFundMe to Save His Legs — and His Life

Because of a broken civilian casualty compensation system, the U.S. military never made a payment to Yemeni drone strike survivor Adel Al Manthari.

U.S. Airstrike Killed 11 Libyan Civilians and Allies, Human Rights Groups Say

A criminal complaint filed Friday accuses a former commander at a U.S. air base in Sicily of murder.