Drone Wars

From Somalia to Iraq and Afghanistan to Yemen, the U.S. military and the CIA have engaged in secretive drone strikes that have killed thousands of civilians and led to political blowback against the United States. The Intercept has published classified documents, as well as reporting on the ground, about America’s ongoing drone wars.

U.S. Drone Strike in Kabul Killed a Family — and Began a New Chapter of the War

Though U.S. forces are leaving Afghanistan, the war could continue with remotely controlled drone strikes — and even less accountability.

Biden’s War Policy Offers Chance for Change — or More of the Same

The administration is reexamining Trump-era rules governing drone strikes and commando missions outside of conventional war zones, along with much else.

Joe Biden’s Silence on Ending the Drone Wars

With scant comments about U.S. assassination programs, there are indications that Biden would keep the drone wars around.

How Israeli-Designed Drones Became Russia’s Eyes in the Sky for Defending Bashar al-Assad

Though their alliances ostensibly put them on opposite sides, the Syrian war has paradoxically deepened the relationship between Israel and Russia.

How Turkey Defied the U.S. and Became a Killer Drone Power

Turkey couldn’t get what it wanted from the U.S. so it built its own fleet of lethal drones. It uses them in Iraq, Syria — and domestically.