The War on Immigrants

As the Trump administration has ratcheted up its vicious crackdown on immigrants, The Intercept has been reporting from the front lines and the borderlines — exposing the lies and the inhumanity of U.S. immigration enforcement agencies.

Border Patrol Launches Militarized Raid of Borderlands Humanitarian Aid Camp

For the second time in two years, Border Patrol launched a raid against No More Deaths within days of the group releasing embarrassing information about the agency.

Immigrants at Privately Run ICE Detention Center Were Thrown Out of Wheelchairs When They Asked for Medical Help

Three medically vulnerable immigrants held at Stewart Detention Center say they were subject to excessive force by guards amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A Family Separated Between El Salvador and the U.S., First Blocked by Trump and Then Coronavirus

Four sisters among the lucky few children to be approved to come to the U.S. under the Central American Minors program had their hopes dashed again.

As Coronavirus Surges in ICE Detention, a Message in the Skies Says “RELEASE”

An artistic intervention seeks to highlight places across the U.S. where immigrants and others are detained.

ICE Plans to Spend $18 Million on Thousands of New Tasers

ICE is seeking thousands of new “conductive energy weapons,” as well as training at a U.S. military base on how to use them.