NSA Intelligence Relationship with Israel

Aug. 4 2014 — 3:54a.m.


TUP SECRETHSIHNDFURN Naticnal Security Agencyi'Central 19 April 2013 Security Service Paper (TSHREL TD USA, Subject: NSA Intelligence Relaticnship with Israel (U) (TSHN F) NSA maintains a far-reaching technical and analytic relaticnship with the Israeli SIGINT Naticnal Unit (ISNU) sharing an access, intercept, targeting, language, analysis and repcrting. This SIGINT relalicnship has increasingly been the catalyst far a brcader intelligence relaticnship between the United States and Israel. Signi?cant changes in the way NSA and ISNU haye traditicnally apprcached SIGINT haye an expansicn tc include cther Israeli and .S. intelligence crganiz aticns such as CIA, Mcssad, and Special Dperalfcn Diyisicn (SUD). (U) Key Issues (TSHSIHN F) The single largest exchange between NSA and ISN is an targets in the Middle East which strategic threats tc US. and Israeli interests. Building upcn a rcbust analytic exchange, NSA and ISNU alsc haye and executed unique tc gain access tc high pricrity targets. The mutually agreed upcn gecgraphic targets include the ccuntries cf Africa, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Scuth Asia, and the Islamic republics cf the farmer Scyiet Unicn. Within that set cf ccuntries, ccyers the explcitaticn cf internal gcyernmental, military, ciyil, and diplcmatic ccmmunicaticns; and external securityfintelligence crganiz aticns. Regicnal Weapcns cf Mass Destruciicn F'rcliferaticn and "Stateless'TIntematicnal Terrcrism the exchanged transnaticnal target set. A dedicated ccmmunicaticns line between NSA and ISN the exchange cf raw material, as well as daily analytic and technical NSA and ISNU haye liaiscn cfficers, ccnduct fcreign relaticns functicns, staticned at their respectiye embassies. (TSHREL TD USA, What NSA Prcyides tc ISNU (TSHSIHREL TD USA, ISR) The Israeli side the benefits cf expanded gecgraphic access tc NSA and SIGINT engineering expertise, and alsc gains access tc adyanced .S. and equipment yia buys and fcreign military sales. (TSHREL TD USA, What ISNU Prcyides tc NSA (TSHSIHREL TD USA, ISR) Benefits tn the US. include expanded gecgraphic access tc high pricrity SIGINT targets, access tc Israeli and SIGINT engineering expertise, and access tc a large cf highly qualified Delfyed Frcm: 1-52 Dated: Declassify Dn: TDP

TDP SECRETHSIHN (U) Success Steries (TSHSIHREL TD USA, ISR) A key prierity fer ISN is the Iranian nuclear deyelepment pregram, fellewed by Syrian nuclear efferts, Lebanese Hizballah plans and intentiens, Palestinian terrerism, and Dlebal Jihad. Several recent and successful jeint eperatiens between NSA and ISNU haye breadened beth erganizatiens' ability te target and expleit Iranian nuclear efferts. In additien, a rebust and dynamic relatienship has enabled breakthreughs en high prierity Iranian targets. (TSHREL TD USA, ISR) USA and ISNU centinue te initiate jeint targeting ef Syrian and Iranian leadership and nuclear deyelepment pregrams with CIA, ISNU, SDD and Ierssad. This exchange has been particularly impertant as unrest in Syria centinues, and beth sides werk tegether te identify threats te regienal stability. cyber partnerships expanded beyend ISNU te include Israeli Defense Intelligence's SDD and Messad, resulting in unprecedented access and cellectien breakthreughs that all sides acknewledge weuld net have been pessible te achieye witheut the ethers. (TSHSIHN F) In July 2D12, the foice ef the Directer ef Natienal Intelligence (DDN I) preyided guidance fer expanded sharing with the GDI (Deyernm ent ef Israel) en Egypt. This appreyal has allewed NSA te task fer ISN en select strategic issues, specifically terrerist elements in the Sinai. (SHIN F) Seyend the traditienal SIDINT relatienship, NSA and ISNU signed a MDU in September 2U11 preyiding fer Inferm atien Assurancet'Cem puter Netwerk Defense cellaberatfen. Inferm atien Assurance Deputy Directer attended an IAIDND cenference in Tel in January 2012 during which NSA and ISN established ebjectiyes fer the relatienship. NSA intends te fecus the cellaberatien en cyber threats frem Iran, Hizballah and ether regienal acters and may preyide limited, fecused suppert en specific Russian and Chinese cyber threats. Denferences te further deyelep this partnership were held in May 2D12 and December 2U12. TD USA, ISR) USA and ISNU led their cemmunities in the establishment ef U.S. - Israeli Intelligence Demmunity VTD cennectiyity that allews beth sides te breaden and accelerate the pace ef cellaberatien against targets? use ef adyanced telecemmunicatiens. Target sets include, but are net limited te Iran Nuclear, Syrian Fereign Fighter meyements, Lebanese Hizballah and Iranian Reyelutienary Guard Derps actiyities. Dialegue is engeing, with each petentfal new intelligence er technelegy initiatiye censidered fer appreyal indiyidually. (U) Preblemsthallenges (TSHN F) The three mest cemmen cencerns raised by ISNU regarding the partnership with NSA is NSA's reluctance te share en technelegy that is net directly related te a specific target, ISM U?s perceiyed reductien in the am eunt and degree ef ceeperatien in certain areas, and the length ef time NSA takes te decide en ISN prepesals. Efferts in these three areas haye been addressed with the partner and NSA centinues te werk te TDP 2

TDP increase with ISNU where appropriate and mindful cf U.S. pplicyr and equity ccncerne. cumum Updated by: C?ur?l?try Desk Of?cer Fereiin Affairs Directerete TDP

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