Losing Afghanistan

In a four-episode podcast and a series of dispatches, Afghans forced into exile when the U.S.-backed government fell to the Taliban in August 2021 recount tales of migration and seek accountability for the collapse of the Afghan security forces. The product of a unique collaboration between The Intercept and New America, these stories illuminate the dark end of America’s longest war.

Afghanistan Observatory Scholars: Fahim Abed, Maryam Barak, Mir Abdullah Miri, Elyas Nawandish, Humaira Rahbin, Qayoom Suroush, Summia Tora
Project Editor and Executive Producer of No Way Home: Vanessa Gezari
Supervising Producer and Editor of No Way Home: Laura Flynn
Project Editor for New America: Candace Rondeaux
Editor-in-Chief: Roger Hodge
Afghanistan Observatory Project Coordinator: Ali Yawar Adili
Story Editors: Murtaza Hussain, Alice Speri
Producers: Jose Olivares, Zach Young
Mixing: Rick Kwan
Art Direction: Philipp Hubert
Photo Editing and Illustration: Elise Swain
Product Development: Fei Liu
Fact Checking: Emily Schneider
Research: Margot Williams
Voiceovers: Ali Yawar Adili, Mir Abdullah Miri, Humaira Rahbin
Theme Music: Zach Young
Copy Editors: Nara Shin, Sunny Sone
Legal: David Bralow