As I’ve mentioned before, if it seems as though things are a little slow around here, it’s only because we’ve been busy planning for the long-term future of the site while continuing to work through the Snowden materials. We’ve completed some of that planning and are ready to start staffing up The Intercept with editors and additional writers.

The positions we are hiring for are spelled out below. If you enjoy saying true things that make a lot of people angry, then you might want to consider applying. Send clips and résumés to [email protected].

Deputy Editor: The Intercept‘s deputy editor will bear primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of a fast-paced news site publishing a wide variety of stories daily, from breaking news to long-form investigative and narrative reporting. He or she will play an integral role in managing a staff of roughly 20 reporters and editors, working in partnership with the editor-in-chief to steer coverage and develop the site’s identity as an aggressive, transgressive news outlet covering national security, intelligence, criminal justice, and all manner of other subjects. The deputy editor’s focus will be on keeping the site live, operating, reactive, and enterprising, assigning fast-turnaround stories to daily reporters and overseeing publication and rollout of longer projects.

Features/Story Editor: An experienced editor who can crack open and doctor lengthy, heavily reported stories under deadline. This role will require juggling multiple stories per week, working with staff and freelance writers to assign, edit, and package a steady stream of powerful features. This editor will take primary responsibility for The Intercept’s longform journalism, which will be a high priority for the site. It is a senior position.

National Security Editor: A well-sourced, veteran editor who will operate as a player-coach running our reporting–long and short, slow and fast, NSA-based and otherwise–on national security. Must bring a wealth of experience in navigating stories about the intelligence and defense communities. This editor will take primary responsibility for all of our reporting on the NSA, surveillance, the intelligence community more broadly, and U.S. military and defense policy.

National Security Reporter: An aggressive, enterprising reporter with sources in the intelligence community to tackle national security stories emanating from leaked documents, as well as from his or her own network of contacts. This job will require an ability to juggle fast, hourly deadline reporting on urgent stories with long-term projects.

Reporter/Bloggers: Fast, clean writers capable of jumping on breaking stories and finding ways to advance and own them. Must live on the internet; should be conversant/passionate about politics, technology, and national security. Experience variable, but these are junior positions. We’re hiring several.