Jana Winter

Head shot of Jana Winter
Jana Winter is a former National Security Reporter at The Intercept. She worked as an investigative news reporter at FoxNews.com from 2008 until November 2014, breaking a wide range of stories involving wrongdoing at federal agencies, including at the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security. She also wrote exclusive reports on cyber investigations and the use of federal informants.

In 2012, Winter revealed that accused Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes sent a notebook containing violent illustrations to his psychologist prior to his deadly rampage. The defense sought to force Winter to name her confidential law enforcement sources. She refused, sparking a nearly two-year legal battle that culminated in a landmark ruling from the New York Court of Appeals in her favor. The ruling kept Winter out of jail, reaffirmed the importance of confidential sources to news-gathering, and strengthened the state’s shield law.