Fight for Survival: The Intercept’s 2019 Visual Journalism

A look back at The Intercept’s must-see photos and illustrations from 2019.

A look back at The Intercept’s must-see photos and illustrations from 2019.

The Unraveling of the Conspiracy Case Against No More Deaths Volunteer Scott Warren

Illustration: Molly Crabapple for The Intercept
The trial became a mirror, reflecting a country deeply divided on the moral and legal questions raised by its border enforcement strategies.
By Ryan Devereaux

Twitter Helped Chinese Government Promote Disinformation on Repression of Uighurs

Illustration: Soohee Cho/The Intercept
Promoted tweets from a state-run news outlet distort the position of Uighurs in the western province of Xinjiang.
By Ryan Gallagher

The Network of Hindu Nationalists Behind Modi’s “Diaspora Diplomacy” in the U.S.

Photo: Todd Spoth for The Intercept
“Howdy, Modi” corralled not just Donald Trump and 50,000 Indian Americans, but also a delegation of U.S. politicians.
By Rashmee Kumar

Can Extinction Rebellion Build a U.S. Climate Movement Big Enough to Save the Earth?

Photo: Hilary Swift for The Intercept
To members sincere in their belief that a mass-appeal movement is what’s needed to quell catastrophe, drawing in front-line communities is life or death.
By Alleen Brown

Devastated by One Hurricane, and Then Another, a Community Confronts the Company That Refused to Block the Floodwaters

Photo: Natalie Keyssar
First came Hurricane Matthew, then Florence. Twice, the CSX railroad refused to allow Lumberton, North Carolina, to sandbag a gap in the levee system.
By Natalie Keyssar, Alleen Brown

How White Nationalists Have Been Inspired by the Genocide of Muslims in Bosnia

Photo: Samir Yordamovic/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
A 1990s campaign to change a Balkan nation’s demographics through murder and expulsion is regarded by the far right as a model to celebrate.
By Murtaza Hussain

As Animal Rights Activists Push Legal Boundaries, Canada Considers What Makes a Terrorist

Photo: Jackie Dives for The Intercept
Industry representatives in Canada have pointed to special penalties in the U.S. for those who trespass or capture footage on animal agriculture properties.
By Alleen Brown

The EPA’s Bungled Response to an Air Pollution Crisis Exposes a Toxic Racial Divide

Photo: William Widmer for The Intercept
How government responds to cancer-causing air pollution depends a lot on where you live and the color of your skin.
By Sharon Lerner

How Plastic Pollution Is Making Central American Communities Uninhabitable

Photo: Celia Talbot Tobin
Companies are selling more cheap, disposable plastic products to developing countries like Guatemala. That trash is ruining rivers and the sea.
By Amelia Urry

Climate Change, Migration, and Militarization in Arizona’s Borderlands

Photo: Ash Ponders for The Intercept
The swirling mix of far-right politics and the actual threats posed by the climate crisis raises questions about what’s happening in the Arizona desert.
By Ryan Devereaux



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