Bad Chemistry

Articles by Sharon Lerner on the global contamination crisis surrounding toxic industrial chemicals such as PFOA, PFOS, and GenX. The U.S. has refused to regulate the chemicals in this class, known as PFAS, despite the fact that they persist indefinitely in the environment and have been linked to cancer and many other illnesses.

Toxic PFAS Fallout Found Near Incinerator in Upstate New York

PFAS contamination was found in soil and water near an incinerator in New York state that has been burning firefighting foam for the Department of Defense.

European Countries Announce Plan to Phase Out Toxic PFAS Chemicals by 2030

A strategy report submitted to the European Commission maps out a comprehensive attack on PFAS chemicals, which have contaminated water around the world.

Top U.S. Toxicologist Was Barred From Saying PFAS Cause Disease in Humans. She’s Saying It Now.

Linda Birnbaum, former head of National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, says she was barred from saying PFAS is a cause of human disease.

Toxic PFAS Chemicals Found in Artificial Turf

The presence of the PFAS chemicals in turf adds to growing concerns about the grass replacement that covers more than 1,000 acres around the country.

EPA Allowed Companies to Make 40 New PFAS Chemicals Despite Serious Risks

New PFAS compounds present many of the same threats associated with PFOA, PFOS, and the other chemicals they replaced.